Digital Transformation

If you look around, you will find everything transforming digitally – even more so in this pandemic. From organizations to institutes, each entity is aggregating modern tools and processes to bring solutions and satisfy their customers. Those organizations that do not consider digital technologies as a core element are becoming obsolete, and they are replaced by their competitors who have equipped themselves digitally.

Digital transformations define how an enterprise can use people, processes and technology to change its fundamental business activities. It generates new revenue streams, innovative products, a broad target market, visibility, customer satisfaction and much more.

To sustain in a dynamic industry, firms need to put innovation at the heart of their processes, and digital technologies are the accelerators of innovation. They not only improve efficiency but also defines new business models that let you go beyond the boundaries and attain new lengths of success. Therefore, ATBOD provides countless IT solutions for organizations that will help them with their digital transformation.

ATBOD Digital Transformation Solutions

Design Studio

We adopt a sense of empathy to understand end-user problems and shape real solutions that ensure user engagement and tangible business outcomes. Our full range of UI/UX services builds efficient customer retention strategies and helps brands create impactful, human-centered identities that engage, excite, and build relationships with your audience.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

We foster an ecosystem of ‘connectivity’ wherein physical devices communicate with workflows via real-time data, and help you understand and improve how you work. Bridge the gap between people and devices together with our team of engineers, making the most out of IoT technology and influencing the global transformation.

Robotics Process Automation

We build, test, deploy, and manage future-ready Robotics Process Automation solutions to help you introduce automation across core-critical processes and ensure productivity. Throughout your RPA journey, we will examine key areas which are to be automated and investigate their feasibility with your existing tools and processes.

Enterprise Mobility

We combine the latest in mobile technology to deliver mobile-first enterprise solutions that improve revenue channels and staff efficiency and increase customer loyalty. How do you choose the right platform for building your application? For each type of app development, our experts have digital skills and mindset that take your project to the next level.

Data Science and Analytics

Our solutions are helping businesses understand massive sets of structured and unstructured data and break them down into critical insights for faster, more informed decisions. Our highly-experienced data engineers and scientists create collaborative environments that allow you to leverage data science and analytics tools, technologies, libraries and more.


We help businesses simplify their Blockchain adoption journey and exploit the benefits of a smooth, efficient, and fully-distributed digital trail of transactions. Throughout your Blockchain journey, we provide operational support, data security, performance testing, scalability modelling, provenance tracking and ledger sharing.

Key to Your Digital Transformation


Our digital transformation consulting team evaluates the existing technology stack for future readiness. Qentelli's digital transformation solutions help clients to operate through modern applications that are cloud-native, robust and scalable.


As one of the leading digital transformation companies, we prioritize the most integral piece of the transformation puzzle - People; and creating a silo-less work environment for them. Our other solutions include skill building and strategic sourcing.


Culture that encourages creativity is a cornerstone to digital transformation strategy. Our digital transformation consultants help you manage this culture change to achieve ROI on your digital investments.

Artificial Intelligence:

We accelerate your digital transformation strategy by adding intelligent systems that can scale up and ability to acquire and apply knowledge. We help you to drastically reduce time drained on mundane activities and improve overall efficiency.


The Digital Transformation strategy initiated by Qentelli is sustainable, scalable, repeatable and easy to replicate. That is because we introduce practices after understanding your business operations to the fullest with the intention to increase the throughput and standardize the practices.


Decision makers need digital transformation insights that span functions and can be measured on a continuous basis to provide the most insight into what’s working and what’s not. Our digital transformation services team helps clients choose the suitable metrics to shape the culture and digital experience delivery.


Integration & Support Services

ATBOD is an Enterprise Digital Business Transformation Company, helping enterprises transition seamlessly in the post-modern digital age while overcoming risks. We adhere to an innovative, scalable, and technology-agnostic approach that empowers our clients to remodel their IT and derive lasting business value.

Our Digital Transformation Strategy is drawn on a critical theme—optimizing legacy systems to scale fast with the new-age digital offerings and facilitate enterprises to reap the benefits of IT. Our experts analyze your IT landscape with thorough detail, think through every risk and challenge, and provide you with a strategic roadmap to extend digital capabilities. Doing so, we help you tap into the untold potential of your IT investments and accelerate value in terms of asset and cost optimization.

At ATBOD, we help businesses with their digital transformation. Our experts continually ideate and prototype new concepts in our dedicated Center of Excellence with an aim to architect new models of disruption. We also help you build and deploy customized solutions that help you ride over business challenges and gain a competitive edge. We can do it for you too.


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