Independent Contractor Solutions

Independent Contractor Solutions

Here is how independent contracts are becoming part of the tech revolution and embracing new solutions to enhance old working ways. Learn how independent contractors have transformed their business and trade.


Independent contractor solutions help freelancers, or self-employed workers administer or facilitate their contracts with local and international clients. Since these people are working independently without any administration or management team, they require consulting services to enhance their business operations and generate more revenue.

When independent contractors leverage IT consulting services, they gain knowledge from experts' perspectives on current trends and market needs for digital technologies.

Solutions For Your Business Needs

Agent of Record Evaluation

Clients working with independent contractors can appoint ATBOD to assess whether the engagement meets with independent contracting criteria, and flag any risk of disguised employment. This service includes an Independent Contractor Verification to confirm correct registrations, and will cross-check the contract conditions against our 20-factor test and compliance benchmarks.

Agent of Record

ATBOD Group can act as an Agent of Record for independent contractors. The service involves the supply of a consultancy agreement between ATBOD and the worker, and the processing and payment of the worker’s invoices. ATBOD Group will perform an in-depth check of the position to be filled and verify whether it meets the criteria for an independent contractor.

Independent Contractor Verification

ATBOD will carry out a check on the status of the worker with the relevant authorities to confirm they are compliantly registered in their home country as an independent contractor. Clients can then compliantly fill temporary positions in response to urgent business needs.

Advisory Services

In certain jurisdictions, ATBOD can provide advisory services instructing independent contractors on how to register as self-employed locally. This ensures the independent contractor is compliantly positioned to carry out self-employed contract services in-country.

Independent Contractor Tax and SS Payments

ATBOD can provide administrative support to independent contractors by calculating tax and social security contributions on their contract income and paying to the relevant authorities on their behalf – if permissible in that jurisdiction.


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